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Some questions come up more than others. We’ve gathered those and provided our answers here. If your question isn’t answered on this page, feel free to ask us at

Why don’t you have a cutter?

There are a bunch of reasons why we decided to focus on managing the roll instead of providing a cutting edge:

  • Scissors and razor cutters already exist and work great

  • If the roll is stable, cutting is much easier with whatever tool you choose

  • Most packages require two cuts: one to separate the paper from the roll and another to trim it to size. So even if we figured out how to add a cutting attachment that would still store easily and not impede your ability to change rolls quickly and use any size, you’d still need another tool to make the crosswise cuts before wrapping

So while we still toy with the idea of a cutting tool from time to time, we think that what we do is different.

can they handle jumbo rolls?

Jumbo rolls (at least, those you can get at Costco) will work with Wrap Buddies. When the roll is fresh out of its shrink-wrap, it will rest on the tabletop but the Buddies will keep it in place. As paper comes off, it will eventually hang from the posts just like a smaller roll.

do they work on round tables?

It depends on how much curve your table has and how long the roll of paper is. We used a table with a rounded edge for our demonstration video and it worked great. It’s really a question of geometry and who wants to think about math while wrapping gifts?

To figure out if they’ll work with your particular table, lay a roll of your gift wrap so that it’s completely on the tabletop. That’s roughly where it will be if held in place with two Wrap Buddies.