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    When all your supplies are close at hand, wrapping is a breeze. Measure, cut, trim, wrap, and tape more quickly than ever before.


    Freed from the headaches of lost tape, runaway rolls, and other gift wrapping hassles, you can measure, cut, and tape with unexpected ease.


    Wrapping gifts should be as joyful an experience as buying and giving. Wrap Buddies make your gift wrapping a joy, not a chore. Stay in the holiday or gift-giving spirit longer with fewer headaches (or backaches!).


We get it. You're busy. Wrapping can be a challenge and Gift bags are expensive. Who's got time for all this?

With Wrap Buddies you'll never have to search for the tape or struggle to measure and cut wrapping paper. And your gift recipients will appreciate a hand-wrapped gift more than one shoved in a bag.

Fewer hassles, more joy. You're welcome.

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