We place great value in our relationship with our manufacturing partners, but to minimize misunderstanding and the possibility of costly mistakes, we are now requiring the following on all production orders of any Damascus Products LLC products.

Acceptance of a Damascus Products LLC purchase order indicates your acceptance of these terms.

If you have concerns about anything here, please contact us.


Payment terms

  • 50% deposit prior to production

  • 50% on acceptance of the shipment with NET 30 terms. Any excessive damage, defects, or other loss will be assessed against this final payment.


Pre-production requirements

All orders require confirmation of the following prior to start of production:

  • Quantities

  • Colors

  • Material

  • Estimated time of completion (including assembly, packaging, and preparation for shipment)

Orders featuring new materials or new colors will require samples for our inspection. Contact us to arrange for sample production & shipping.


Quality assurance

We require the following maximum defect levels:

  • Major defects: 1.0% AQL

  • Minor defects: 2.5% AQL

Major defects involve damage or defect which renders the product unusable. Breakage during assembly should be assessed frequently. Minor defects are those which are cosmetic but don’t affect the product’s function.

Please contact us to ensure that sampling is conducted at an acceptable level.

We also require photos be taken during the QA process and prior to shipment, once the products are ready to be packed. These photos need to clearly demonstrate the state of the product and packaging.


Pre-shipment requirements

All cartons should be labeled with:

  • Product ID (WB001)

  • Color

  • Packaging type (blisterpak, clamshell, poly bag, etc.)

We also need to know exact counts of pallets, cartons, and cases prior to arranging pick-up.