wholesale policies

Minimum order is one case, currently 20 units. Initial orders may be for mixed color cases at our discretion but subsequent orders should be in whole case quantities once customer preferences are identified.

We offer quantity discounts of 5% for orders of more than 10 cases (200 units) and 10% for orders of more than 50 cases (1000 units). Larger quantity discounts may be negotiated with your sales representative.

We accept all payment methods available through our wholesale web portal (currently hosted by Shopify). Checks are accepted but may result in shipping delays for clearance. We do not accept PayPal at this time. We are also able to accept payment through bill.com and other online resources; please contact us for details.

Payment terms on first orders and orders of less than 100 units are prepaid only. For established repeat customers, we may offer terms at our discretion.

We ship wholesale orders from our warehouse in Virginia within 5 days of receipt for in-stock items.

If the SKU you are ordering is not in our warehouse, it may take up to 120 days to produce and have ready to ship. We make every effort to ensure our stock levels can support customer orders and receiving timely forecasts from our larger customers is essential.

We ship all orders via the lowest-cost method which will ensure on-time delivery. Typically, that means UPS or FedEx but we also use DHL and freight carriers in some cases. We bias our selections toward lowest-cost but may let delivery time sway us if the costs are close.

We do not drop ship to the US at present.

For ROW (Rest of the World) customers we may be able to arrange drop shipments directly from our factories in China. Please contact us for details.

Shipping costs are paid by the buyer. We can provide estimates if requested or use your account with a particular shipper if desired.

We can produce Wrap Buddies in any color you wish as a shop-exclusive color provided that color is not already selected by another reseller or one of our core palette options. This program requires coordination and:

  • A setup fee covering color selection and coordination
  • Order minimums of 50 cases
  • Quantity discounts do not apply due to the exclusive nature of the sets produced

    Please contact us if you are interested in a custom color for full details of the program.

    We offer samples for a 50% discount off the wholesale price since our samples are fully-operational, retail-packaged sets.

    Damascus Products LLC, the maker of Wrap Buddies, retains the sole right to sell Wrap Buddies products online through common marketplaces. You may sell the sets you purchase from us at your brick-and-mortar stores and through a URL you own and which is easily associated with your storefront.

    For example, we retain sole right to sell on Amazon, Walmart.com, eBay, and other such marketplaces but you may sell on www.my-gift-shop.com.

    We do not discount our online presence in these markets, nor do we participate in Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Prime Day events which would put us in competition with our resellers. We may offer discounts on our own web site (wrapbuddies.co) from time to time as needed.

    We accept returns within 15 days of receipt if found to be defective or damaged.

    Cancellation requires a 20% cancellation fee up to our promised delivery date. If an order is not delivered by our promised delivery date, the cancellation fee is waived.

    We do not accept returns of unsold product.