Shipping Update

An unprecedented number of orders thanks to an amazing TikTok video has put us behind on shipping orders. Here's where things stand, and we'll update this page as fresh details become available:

10 November, 2020:

  • 562 Amazon orders shipped so far today. Another 50+ are being processed and should be fulfilled before the day is out.
  • One FC received a pallet and shipped it completely back out the next day.
  • Another FC has 4 pallets and is working to get them received and available.
  • Two more FCs should receive deliveries of product today.

9 November, 2020:

  • The first pallets have been processed by our shipper and close to 600 Amazon orders are being processed. We should have tracking for those soon.
  • The remainder will be sent as soon as stock is received and processed at our fulfillment centers.

5 November, 2020:

  • A fresh shipment of 4 pallets (2500+) sets of Wrap Buddies is scheduled to arrive at our main fulfillment center in Chicago. UPDATE: It has arrived in Chicago but can't be delivered until Monday, 11/9.
  • Additional pallets will arrive at regional centers as well between now and Monday.
  • Our FC has 5 days to process these and start shipping, but we're doing everything we can to shorten that time.
  • Once your order has shipped, you will receive a tracking number.

We know we're very late right now and it seems like more time is going to elapse before you get your Wrap Buddies. We've very, very sorry about that. We'd love to blame the elections or COVID, but the truth is simply that we sold more than we had available to ship and have had to scramble to re-fill our shipping pipeline.

Thanks for your patience. If you wish to cancel an order through our web site, please email us at If you wish to cancel an Amazon order, please do so through Amazon.