Why Wrap Buddies?

Rediscover the joy of gift-giving! No more scrambling for rolls of paper or losing the tape dispenser in a sea of tags and ribbons. let Wrap Buddies manage the paper and keep everything you need within reach.

Wrap Buddies® hold a roll of paper securely at the edge of a table, so gift wrap won’t wander away. Measuring and cutting are simpler with the roll managed and a built-in tape dispenser ensures tape is always easy to find.

Our Story

Founder Bret Wortman became frustrated while wrapping gifts for his children one Christmas. If the paper rolls weren't falling off his wrapping table, then they were trying to curl back up so that every straight line he tried to cut ended up curved. The tape was always getting lost under something and it was just a frustrating mess. So he built the very first pair of Wrap Buddies out of two blocks of wood and some short dowels. Thanks to 3D printing technology, he was able to experiment with designs until he landed on a configuration that he thought would work and a Kickstarter project confirmed that he wasn't alone with his frustrations. We delivered our backer rewards on time and began to look to the future!