Kickstarter Backers

What is kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform available on the web at It allows product creators like us to present our products to potential supporters and allow them to help fund the final development and production of those products. It appeals to many different creative sorts, from musicians and artists to designers and engineers.

When you support a kickstarter project by contributing at a particular dollar amount, you will be given a reward from that project. For our project, these rewards equate to various numbers and models of Wrap Buddies. You can think of this as preordering these for delivery in time for next year. It's a long lead time, but your support and patience will make it possible for us to set up tooling, assembly and production.

Our Awesome Backers

We'd like to pay thanks to all the wonderful folks who backed our project during its Kickstarter run. Because of these wonderful people, Wrap Buddies are a reality.