What's in a Name?

Confusion, apparently.

We have always been Damascus Products LLC, manufacturer of Wrap Buddies®. But this caused problems because people don't immediately associate our company name with Wrap Buddies.

So we changed it.

Our official company name is now...

(drum roll, please)

Wrap Buddies LLC!

It may not be exciting, but it should prevent confusion. Wrap Buddies the product is now designed, manufactured, and sold by Wrap Buddies LLC. We hope that's a bit easier on everybody from now on...

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  • Lee

    Have bought another wrapping device- took up way too much space & didn’t work well & kept moving around on the table. I was thrilled to see & use yours. Works great & when done an excellent job, easy to use. When finished wrapping just put the clamps together & throw in a drawer out of the way. Ingenious

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