Production update

For those of you who find such things interesting, we have retrieved our product molds from the factory partner we originally used and are in the process of updating them with some small changes before having our new factory run some samples for us. 

These really are our actual molds!

Why did we make the change? Simply put, there's a lot to manage relating to product manufacturing, quality control, shipping, and so on, so we made the strategic decision to bring on a company to manage this for us. They have people in-country and close to our new factories and can inspect product and coordinate all the moving pieces that result in cases of Wrap Buddies, already in retail packaging, showing up at our warehouse.

And yes, that's a new detail as well! We will be shipping all Wrap Buddies from this point on in retail packaging. The final details are still being worked out, but it will be a blisterpak of some sort (we're shooting for a blister trapped between paperboard sheets for a more organic feel) with the clamping mechanism exposed. This half-exposure serves two purposes: it allows retailers to stock them on shelves without any other supports while also allowing customers to see how well they grip and actually touch the product directly.

We'll have product shots when the packaging is finalized.

We're also working on our color palette for the next order. Watch for that update here as well!


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