New Manufacturing Partnership

One of the biggest challenges in growing a small business is managing time, resources, and abilities.

I've had a wonderful career in software development and, in fact, continue to do so while building Wrap Buddies into a worldwide brand. Time and again since starting Wrap Buddies, I have found tremendous value in leveraging the expertise of key partners. All of our graphic and design work, and even the mechanical engineering that goes into our new product design have come from BOLTGROUP in Charlotte, NC. They're an extremely talented group of designers and engineers who have taken us to the next level of brand identity and do so every time I call on them.

It's time to do the same thing with our manufacturing pipeline.

We've just partnered with Valley Global to hand our product sourcing. From now on, they will handle everything from the time we call them to place a product order and its arrival at our warehouse, including factory selection, quality assurance, tooling, packaging, and shipping.

We're very excited by the opportunities this new partnership will offer us.


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