America's Mart Gift Show Jan 2019

From Jan 9-13, we exhibited Wrap Buddies at the Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings show and had a fantastic response. We met quite a few new shops, made contact with some large retailers as well, and gathered some intriguing ideas as well.

It was a huge show. Three buildings each the size of a city block. Our building had something like 15 floors. I don't know if it was physically possible to have seen everything.

We met and spoke with several entrepreneurs who had been on Shark Tank with varying results, but all of whom were exhibiting at the show. Those conversations really helped re-stoke the fire.

This will probably be our only show this year as all our efforts in Q1 and Q2 are being spent getting ready for the 2018 holiday season and getting our new manufacturing pipeline ready to deliver in August.


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