2018 Holiday Wrap-up

Now that the holidays are firmly in our rear-view mirror and we're storming into 2019 full speed ahead, we wanted to share some factoids from Q4 with you:

  • We completely sold out of Wrap Buddies. That's right, our warehouse was empty.
  • A large catalog retailer who went live on 10/19 with a Wrap Buddies listing called to re-order after only a week. We restocked them as best we could but they nonetheless sold out before Thanksgiving.
  • We got a huge bump thanks to several feature articles and a video from goodhousekeeping.com, all of which ran on Facebook and other platforms as well.
  • Amazon sales took off in October and only slacked in mid-December because we stocked out.

We're in the midst of planning for the holiday season 2019 already because we don't want to run out again during what is almost certainly the peak season for gift wrapping, but if you're a retailer and you have a forecast, we'll be accepting forecasts (or, better still, purchase orders) between now and April 15, when our initial order goes to the factory for production.


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