Terms & Conditions


This is pretty simple

We will give away one double-pack of Wrap Buddies to each weekly winner chosen at random from eligible contestants.

A set of wrap buddies is defined as two pieces, one left and one right. A double-pack is defined as two sets of two pieces, which is enough Wrap Buddy goodness to hold two rolls of gift wrap at once, or have one in use while wrapping and another holding court in the kitchen on cookie duty. Or one to keep and one to give away to your bestie.

Winners can choose the color of their Wrap Buddies from the colors available at the end of the campaign.

Winners can choose the style of the Wrap Buddies, if multiple styles are available. They can also opt for any add-ons achieved through stretch goals.

Winners will only receive their prizes if the campaign reaches its funding goal.

Prizes have no cash equivalent and will be delivered at the same time backer rewards are sent.

If you wanted a bunch of legalese mumbo-jumbo gobbledygook, you came to the wrong place.